Sunday, November 22, 2009

Working Bee

On Friday the 19th of November we had our annual working bee. At the working bee we wanted to get achieved; turning over the playground bark, putting in the sink by the glass house, putting in the herb garden, making the frame for the shade house, doing up the P.E shed and last but not least separating the plastic bags into big and small and ripped and not ripped. We separated the plastic bags so we could use them at a later time for the new shade house.
Most of the time I was doing the herb garden with the herbalists. It started to look really cool except there weren't any plants yet. The reason we are doing the herb garden is so we can use the herbs in the kitchen for our Bon Apiti Healthy Lunch Programme, learn to propagate plants and to sell to the Apiti community.
I was also separating the bags for awhile.
Once I had finished that I helped dig over the playground. We were digging over the play ground so we would have nice soft ground for the new bark to go on. We were having a great time doing all the work. When I was working I had a look round and saw everyone doing their part to help.

With the glass house in place it was time to set it up ready for growing.

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