Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ideas for Winter

It would be preferable to change the water for the winter. I could show you when I come out.

There are a number of plants that could be planted.
Spinach which is great in sandwiches and quiches, with a poached egg on toast, or with noodles.
Because there are no white butterflies about in the winter there would be no caterpillars

This is a great recipe for lunch on a cold winters day;
Whole kernel Corn (canned)
Green Peas or Beans (frozen)
Noodles (2 minute)
Diced Chicken or Beef (cooked)

Grate carrot and tear spinach leaves into small pieces
Cook noodles as per instructions on the packet
Add carrots, peas or beans corn and meat – heat until hot
Then add spinach and heat for 30 seconds.

Now ready to serve and eat.

The following can be added to taste;
Crushed garlic,
Crushed/grated ginger
Sweet chillie sauce.

To help keep unwanted insect/bugs away marigold could be planted in pots and placed in the glass house.

Let me know when it is the best day and time to come to Apiti School.

John Sandford

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