Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pinata Technology

Our technology challenge was to make a pinata strong, but not so strong that it takes forever to smash and we had to have a place for the lollies ( Derek ).
We had to think about the shape and size to make sure we had enough time; like if we made a big one we would have to use more time.
We had to make sure that it will stay together and hangs up. ( Anneke )
We looked on Google images to find ideas. We found a bee hive and we thought that would be good idea. We started off with a balloon. Then we changed to making rings because we thought it would be bigger. Then we used the rings and paper mache-ed it. It didn't turn out the right shape so we had to kind of adjust it.
The bee hive is a funny shape; like some bits have gone in and it's not quite what we expected. This is because the rings weren't strong enough to hold up the glop (glue) .
We have started painting it and then we will put our bumble bees on that we made of cotton buds and we painted them black and yellow ( Charlotte )

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