Tuesday, November 12, 2013

2013. 7/11

We have been doing the hydroponics and making the glass house look beautiful ... fo example taking dead leaves out/off. In the glass house we are growing strawberries, tiny tomatoes, lettuce and marigolds.The marigolds keep the bugs away. The marigolds are not there to look good. They are there to eat, produce and sell.
 Our veggie garden is doing very well. Derek and Joanne water them every day. We are growing lettuce, chives, cabbage, leak and marigolds. We check for diseased and dead leaves regularly. The potatoes are doing really well.
 The raspberry and blueberry plants are flowering and are healthy. When they are ripe we plan to eat them.
On Tuesday Sarah and Joanne are planting basil seeds with Mrs Lowe. On the 22nd we are going to the Feilding Farmers Market to sell walnut crackle. We would love some help to make the walnut crackle this week. Our team player was Derek. He was working well all the time and when he had finished one job he went to another.

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