Friday, September 3, 2010

Spring begins!

At the moment we don't have any tomatoes planted because they were dying due to temperature and irregular nutrient supply. We would like to thank Vaughan for buying us a new pump. We have been using some parsley and spinach in our stuffed potatoes. - By Ashleigh

June Planting

On Friday Ben, Ashleigh and Mrs Dearlove planted our winter vegetables in the Glasshouse. We planted celery, lettuce and spinach. Thank you for coming to help us Mrs Dearlove. We have also planted a couple of coriander plants to see how they grow in the winter. We may have to use the water heaters that Mr Sandford kindly lent us. Ben and I picked up all of the extra leaves as these attract the bugs. By Cole

May Update

We are still growing our fruit and vegetables in the hydroponic unit. Tomorrow Mr. Sandford is coming to help us change the water and hopefully he will help us with planting our winter vegetables and herbs. We are going to grow celery, coriander and basil. We really appreciate Mr Sandford's support. - By Ashleigh

Ramp update Term 2

We have received a letter from the Manawatu District Council about the ramps and they said that they would arrange someone from Fulton Hogan to come up to the school and see what is needed to be done and that they could help us to upgrade them or replace them. We are hoping to upgrade them. - By Cole

Bike Ramp - Term 1

We love the bike ramp that the council built for us in the year 2000/01. Scooters, bikes and skate boards are allowed on it. But now its getting a little bit too old and is breaking down. We have written a letter to the council to ask them if they can help us rebuild it. - By Tom and Cole.

Hydroponics Update

Our hydroponics are growing really well. We are using them for our Bon Apiti. We now have a surplus. We are now starting to sell our basil, tomatoes, capsicans and our chillies. We have got a little store at school, so you can come any time. We hope you buy our fresh fruit and vegies. Prices: Chillies: $50c each. Tomatoes: $5.00 a bag. Basil: $ 1.50 a bag. Capsican: $5.00 a bag. By Ashleigh.