Thursday, May 16, 2013

On Friday we have had a soup day each group made some soup 1 group made pumpkin soup and another group made noddle doddle there were all different kinds of soup we went up to Trishs garden she taught us a bit about all the veges and organic she gave us lots of veges for our soup My whanu group made potato and leak soup.   We had these healthy eating people come to school and they taught us a bit about healthy eating.  we learnt how to read labels  and the food pyramid and
For our hydroponics we are cleaning it out and picking lots of tomatoes we are deciding weather we keep the tomatoes going for the winter.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Zahn is the leader of the hydro rangers for this term I am the leader while Zahn is away we also have Derek,  Sarah and Alex
We cheek the hydroponics daily
We have been cleaning the glass house and getting all the dead leaves out from under neath and all the rotten  tomatoes out.
We have planted some strawberry two.
We use the tomatoes and all the herbs for the healthy lunches. 
By Charlotte